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By Michael Fewings 
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I chose Strike One for a title because in all my photo's, I aim to take a photo of only one lightning strike. It may seem in some of my photo's you see, that I have taken two or more lightning strikes, but these are commonly linked together in the cloud.

I believe that capturing only one lightning strike is harder artistically as it is something that everyone has seen. But in nature, a single strike of lightning exists for a fraction of a second and then there is never an exact repeat. It can do strange things and strike strange places. I've seen it strike the ground next to a 80 foot metal tower and a group of Eucalyptus trees (which was very disturbing at the time as I was also standing on the ground just away from an 80 foot tower and a group of Eucalyptus trees). The variety of lightning is what gets me out in the middle of the night, down some off beat track, photographing lightning.

Site and Author Accolades

Since this site has been on the Internet, it has generated the following publicity...

In the last year (12 months to April 2004) I have had 78,254 different people visit this site consisting of 2,566,751 page hits.
Links appeared on the Lonely Planet homepage as site of the day and also appeared in the web site as sites to visit in Australia, plus many other smaller places.

Since the beginning 230,000 different people have taken time to view this site.

I have appeared in our state paper (The West Australian circulation number of 210,000) with a
whole page article and promo to the article on page 2.
Published in a the Busselton Times (small circulation of about 3000)

Australasia magazine (Aussie Post) on page 1 and 2. The image at the bottom of this page was seen by 230 000 readers.
Helix Magazine, University of Melbourne Atmospheric course promo, Wilderness Medicine Newsletter and many other places and web sites that I can not recall.

I have personally been on Australian National ABC Television with a small documentary about me and storm chasing with still photos and film footage included. I took the film crew on a successful storm chase out of Perth. It was a great day full of fun.

Meekatharra Radio (Small radio station but interview was 40 minutes long! Live), Columbian radio (5 minutes long and translated to Spanish), ABC Radio (first one 5 minutes long, second 10 minutes. Both live). In all the articles, interviews and footage I have outlined the reason for my photography,
safety, equipment and tips on photographing lightning.

Mike Fewings

Me pointing to a lightning strike channel
that killed this huge Karri Tree.

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