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Strike One TitleBy Michael Fewings

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Sprites, Jets & Elves
On lightning
Western Australian
My favourites
Search engines

Lightning photos

Electric Skies

Lightning Strike Photograph

Lightning Photography

Lightning...space photography

Lightning Photos

Lightning Video

Lightning and information

Lightning Video plus

Netherlands Lightning

Lightning photos and movies

Skies of Fire

Lightning and other.

Lightning photos

Web Page


Tucson Arizona Lightning

Lightning Images

Darwin's Tropical Summer

Lightning Photography

East Australian lightning

Storm Photography

Lightning Photographer

Mike's Lightning

Lightning Strike!

Lightning photos

Photos of lightning

Lightning Bolts

This has some of the most spectacular photos. (Is a blast to chase with as well).

A one page special. The closest lightning photo I've seen

By Michael Bath- Nice lightning photos and chase reports

By Cori Prazen. Excellent design and photographs.

Nice crawlers and lightning bolts. By Dale Bryant

By Hernán Cortés. Wow this is close. Hair raising!

Some very close lightning photos and info on lightning

By Terry Pallister. How can one person get so many
lightning strikes in one lifetime. This speaks for itself.

By Menno van der Haven. Nice photos

Huge amount of information, photos and movies

Lots of information. Hours of looking

Excellent site design.

Excellent photos but the site can be a bit touch and go

Tony Laubach's Lightning photos. Nice layout

Great photos and layout. Fellow Perth photographer (nice bloke too).

By John Simpson. Beautiful mountains and lightning.

By Steve Baynham. Nice photos, Australian

Some nice lightning photos here

Nice photos

By Martin Barritt. from Canberra and Brisbane

Nice photos of storms and lightning. By Sam Barricklow

By Paul Cichocki. Nicely set out site with some
great photos

Ok photos but commercial (not my cup of tea)

Interesting information on lightning

Worth the look

By Nick Schaf. Photos of the moon and lightning etc.

Nice layout of page and photos

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Photos of tornado's

Perth Severe Weather

Tornado Information

Texan Tailchasers

By Ira Fehlberg. Severe weather including the
best photo of a tornado I've seen.

A great site with lots to see

By Steve Miller. Informative with nice photos

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Photos of clouds

Australian Weather Pages

Karratha photos

Clouds Photos

Wild Weather World

Photos of Nature

by Michael Tompson- Photos of lightning, clouds,
sunsets, landscapes and weather

By J. Bush & K.Evans. Some brilliant photos here

By Gordon Richardson. Photos of every type of cloud.

by Kevin Phyland. Nice photos. Take a look.

An excellent site with nice photos

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Sprites, Jets and Elves

An Article

Research from Alaska

Reseach from Australia

By Otha H. Vaughan,Jr and Walter A. Lyons
on Sprites, Jets, and Elves

An Impressive site with lots of information. Worth a look

An excellent site with photos and information.

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Photos of Aurora's

Northern Lights Images

By Jan Curtis. What can I say except take a look.

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Educational resources on lightning


Lightning at the GHCC

Medical side to lightning

Lightning - The Introduction

Lighnting, electricity & thunderstorms


American Red Cross

Lightning in storms

National Lightning Safety Institute

Home Page for survivors of lightning strikes.

This has a lot of information about lightning.

Excellent information on the side effects to lightnting strike
victims andwhat to do if your friend is struck.
(I hope I never need this information!)

An informative teacher resource on lightning

A very well set out page that details lightning from a
middle school educational perspective (Very interesting).

Interesting read on lightning.

Excellent resource on lightning buried in here

An interesting read on lightning.

Safety and information of lightning. Fantastic resource.

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Educational resources on weather

Project Atmosphere Australia On-line

OMSI Science Whatzit!

Science Learning Network

Weather Education

Educational resources for weather in Australia and overseas

Ask a question

Science Education Resource

A great teacher resource on weather

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Global weather links

Central Atlantic Storm Investigators

World Meteorological Organization

Storm Chasers Homepage

Eye on the World

The Weather Place

A neat page that deserves some serious exploring.

information on global weather and its changes.

This is the the storm chasers site of links.

Well set out site with excellent links

Detailing information on weather. USA Based.

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Australian weather links

Radar & Satellite System


Weather Information

Australian weather links

Australian Weather

Bureau of Meteorology,


Weather & global monitoring

Storm Reports and Photos

Local Taree Weather

Looking Back

My own system written so that I may use it while on chases
and because I felt that there needed to be something of
this calibre in australia publicly available.

The official Australian Severe Weather Association Inc.
Home Page. Worth joining.

By Jimmy Deguara and Michael Bath. More information
than you can poke a stick at. Worth the time.

By Laurier Williams. Links to excellent weather sites.

By James Chambers. Queensland And Australian Weather

The official weather forecasting home page for Australia

A community website by Fergus Reilly

Some very interesting links

By Matt Smith. Reports on NSW storms and excellent photos

By Paul Mossman.

Interesting article on the history of weather forecasting.

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Western Australian weather links

Local and global weather links

Esperance Bureau of Meteorology

Meekatharra Meteorological Office

Detailed links of my local city (Perth), Australian and
global weather information. Excellent Site! By Jacob

Interesting weather statistics and site information
By Cliff Spencer

Lots of information and nice photos.

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Current satellite orbits

Welcome to ABC Online

Tim Buckley Lyrics

Gone South

Lonely Planet

Excellent real time map of satellites in orbit over the globe.
Requires java applet support

The Australia ABC television site. Very Interesting.
(you won't be dissapointed)

The late Jeff Buckleys father and also an excellent voice

By Neil van Niekerk. Excellent photography. Nice Layout

Where I look when I get ichy feet and want to travel

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Australia TV Guide

Australian Stock Exchange

Internet Movie Database Search


Very nicely set out site with HTML and Java help.

These are the TV shows we watch in Australia

The Australian Stock Exchange Home Page

The place to find out anything about movies and TV shows

Find a friends name and their phone number

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Welcome to TUCOWS


Lot of shareware software to do with internet

A huge database of software.

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Search Engines

All-in-One Search Page

The only one you need (indexes them all I think)

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