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By Michael Fewings 
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The photo above was taken about 30 kilometres East of
a town  called Esperance in Western Australia.
It struck only 200 metres away.

The time between the lightning and the (very loud!) thunder
was less than one second.

It can be assumed if the length of time between the
lightning and the thunder is three seconds then the lightning
struck one kilometre away (6 seconds = 2 kilometres etc.).

Below is a blown up view of the bush the lightning struck in.

Notice the streamer of lightning that didn't quite meet
before the main bolt "connected".
This happens in most lightning strikes although it is hard to
see with the naked eye (even when it strikes very close).

This phenomena is extremely dangerous as people 20
metres or so from the strike can also be struck with these
less powerful but still deadly streamers.

I was safely in my car.

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