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By Michael Fewings 
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This is one of two good photos I took of this storm from a lookout
over the ocean from Esperance. The other one is on slide film
and I don't currently have the ability to scan these.

When I arrived at the lookout there were three people already
there watching the storm. When they saw that I was photographing
the lightning, one of them said to me
"You should have been here ten minutes ago, there was lightning
flashing all around us!"
Me, being my usual brazen self, mentioned that only 2 months ago
I had seen lightning strike this lookout twice in the same storm.
They didn't say too much after that and soon decided to count
themselves lucky to leave unscathed.

In my chase to get to this storm, I stopped to put out a small fire
started by a lightning strike.
(The fire was only 3 metres in diameter but spreading fast)

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